How to Weather-Proof Your Event

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How to Weather-Proof Your Event

Despite all our planning, wishing and hoping, at the end of the day the weather is the one thing we can do nothing about when it comes to our events. Wild winds, rain and storms can ruin months of planning, but with a couple of tricks, it doesn’t have to be until next year.

The first thing to consider is the time of year for your event. Spring is notorious for it’s high winds, while Summer loves a good downpour. Late Autumn to Winter is often one of the driest times of year and you’re not competing with the beach for entertainment. Perhaps you could consider this different time of year for your event to help minimise the risk of the weather ruining your plans. It also has the added benefits of your event not competing with every Spring festival and pre-Christmas party in your community.

However, changing the time of year doesn’t ensure you’re safe from the whims of Mother Nature. One thing to consider to ensure some skittish grey clouds don’t scare potential attendees off is pre-sales. Selling wristbands for rides at a lower price before the event helps to ensure a little threat of bad weather doesn’t deter people from coming.

Quite a few of our Schools have successfully used a back-up date to ensure those pre-sales of wristbands aren’t disappointed and the Committee’s hard work organising a wonderful selection of entertainment hasn’t gone to waste. Often they will advertise a back-up date for the amusement rides along with the main event to help ease parents minds when pre-purchasing tickets. We’ve found that Friday afternoons work well for these dates, with the kids racing out the door at the home bell to enjoy a few hours of fun together.

Have you thought of a back up date? They are easier to organise than you think. Ask us how.

Please contact us for any more tips on how to make the most of your event on 1300 CAMELOT.

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