How to make the most of your Movie Night Fundraiser

How to make the most of your Movie Night Fundraiser

There’s plenty of information out there on the logistics of hosting a movie night fundraiser, so I thought I’d cover a few more ways you can add to your fundraising potential on the night. Movie Nights are supposed to be easy, so above all, try not to over complicate it for yourselves.

1. Food and Drink

Try to be the supplier of food and drink at your movie night. Lolly bags, cans and bottles of drink, chips, etc. can all be purchased prepackaged wholesale for you to on-sell on the night.

If you’re short on volunteers though, consider hiring in the coffee vans, popcorn and fairy floss on a commission hire basis. That way there’s no risk for you and it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

If you’re considering supplying dinner, make sure it’s a pre-purchase option. That way you don’t waste money on over-catering. Alternatively, save the meals for the VIP section (see more below).

2. Novelties

Consider selling glow sticks, light up toys or other items that link with your fundraising theme. Try to steer clear of noisy items though. No-one wants their viewing constantly interrupted by those horns, or a section cleared by a cheeky fart-bomb.

3. Advertising/Sponsors

Use the screen space like the cinemas and sell advertising time. Alternatively, ask local businesses to sponsor your screen hire, or more, and consider advertising time as part of their sponsorship package.

4. Gold Class/VIP Area

Set up a special area with comfortable seats and unrestricted viewing for a special ticket price. You could also consider adding a special food package to this ticket price.

5. Pre-Movie Time

Don’t waste the time before the movie. Consider some small fundraising activities that you can’t normally fit in to your school fete. Silent Auction, Dunk Tanks, Lucky Numbers, Chocolate Toss, etc. would all fit in well in this space.

You could also consider hiring a jumping castle or other amusement rides to keep the kids busy before-hand.

6. Theme It

You could also consider theming the night. Costume prizes, activities, and dining could all be packaged together with the movie viewing. Think Star Wars, The Oscars, or Bond themes to get you started.

If you need any more ideas, or want to enquire about hiring popcorn, fairy floss or amusement rides for your movie night please call 1300 CAMELOT.

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