Amazing Resources for Fetes and Fundraisers

Amazing ideas for organising fetes and fundraisers

Amazing Resources for Fetes and Fundraisers

Here’s a quick list of shortcuts for the time poor organisers we love to work with.

We consider ourselves very lucky to work daily with volunteers who give up their free time to assist their communities. With so many demands on all of our time it is truely impressive to see. We know that most of you don’t “have” this time, but rather “make” this time available for your worthy cause, often at the expense of some other area of your life. So in an effort to help you grab back a bit of that time for yourselves we have a quick list of online resources that you might find helpful when organising your fete and fundraisers.


This is a truely amazing resource. There must be hundreds of hours of time saving templates, forms and checklists for you here. The Sponsorship Introduction Letter alone would save you an hour or two in crafting your own.

Fundraising Directory

An amazing website with stall ideas, articles, manuals and guides galore. You can also look through a list of suppliers who advertise through this page.

Fete Convenors

This is a Facebook group run by The Fundraising Whisperer, who also brought you the amazing resources above. It is a community for like-minded volunteers who share their experiences and ask for help of others. Nothing like having a dream-team at your fingertips.

Our Top 5 Tips

Check out our Top 5 Fundraising Tips that we have picked up over the years of working with great groups. Our first tip will help those who don’t have a large group of supporting volunteers particularly, which is something we are passionate about solving.

To pick our brains for any more advice please feel free to call us with your fundraising or fete dilemma on 1300 CAMELOT.

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