How to thank volunteers and boost engagement

How to thank volunteers and boost engagement

When you make the effort to thank your deserving volunteers, you are fostering a positive experience, which makes them more likely to help again. After all, would you stay where you didn’t feel appreciated? And this positive recognition also has the added benefit of encouraging others to become involved, because they know their efforts will be appreciated.

Here’s a couple of ideas on how to recognise and thank your volunteers.

Town Crier

Publicly praise big and small role players at meetings, within your school newsletter, or at an appropriate assembly. 

Monthly Profiles

You could add a section to your regular communication channels to have a Volunteer of the Month section.

You’ve got Mail

Write a personal email thanking them for their involvement. They won’t feel like they’ve been lost in the crowd if they’ve helped out at a big event and will be more likely to help next time if they feel their contribution was valuable.

Hand to Heart

One better than the email is a handwritten note. Who gets those anymore?

Use Social Media

Shout out thanks on your favourite social media channels. Tag them if you can, or if they’re uncomfortable then just list out the first names.

Check in

Make sure you check in on them during the event too. Don’t let them feel isolated and alone in their tasks. Offer water, tea, coffee, a break if you can. That way they feel part of the group and not just another body to fill a task.


There are a million cutsie ideas on Pinterest that you can whip up if you’re that way inclined to give a little token of thanks.

Just remember, no matter how small their contribution or how big, you can’t do it alone. And if people feel appreciated and valuable they will help again and again.

For any more ideas for your fundraiser please feel free to call us on 1300 CAMELOT.

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