Want to Raise Money At Your Event?

Want to Raise Money At Your Event?

There are usually two option for financing your amusement rides for an event – commission or hire. But which one is best for your event? For some this question has an easy answer. If you’re a corporate event, there’s a good chance you’re not planning on charging anyone to go on the rides, in which case hire is the only option. Some small schools cannot raise the funds to hire outright, in which case commission would suit them best. For those who are unsure of what will work best, let us take you through each option.


Commission is arranged where tickets and wrist-bands for the rides are sold and the proceeds are divided between the event and the Amusement Company.


  • The Amusement Company absorbs the risk. If the weather scares people away or you simply don’t get the numbers you were anticipating it’s the amusement company who has to wear the costs of providing the amusement rides.
  • The Amusement Company is invested in the success of your event too. A good amusement company should always care if your event succeeds, but this way they are directly affected by your success.
  • Your event makes money from the first ticket sold. As you have no outlays the first ticket sold is money in your events pocket.


  • The Amusement Company will have more say in what amusements you have at your event. As the amusement company is absorbing all of the risk, they may put provisions on how many rides they will bring based on pre-sales. They may also insist upon a particular combination of rides to ensure higher turn-over, which may not necessarily be the combination you really want. Although you have to remember they do this every day, so if their making a suggestion, it’s usually because it works.


Hiring the amusements outright is desirable if you are sure of your events success and you wish to have full control over what arrives at your event. Some events begin with commission and build the event over time, until hiring outright becomes more profitable.

Make sure you check your amusement company’s cancellation policy for inclement weather when you hire. Some require one or more days notice before allowing you to completely cancel your booking without financial penalty.

At Camelot Amusements we like to make sure we are flexible enough that our customers receive the best outcome for them and their event. Chat with us today about your event on 1300 CAMELOT.

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